The term “corporate lawyer” is often referred to as a “business lawyer.”  Today’s corporate practice emphasizes creative and practical solutions to the issues and problems that arise in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

Michael J. Yentzen offers the following corporate services to his clients:     

Creating and Servicing Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) or Corporations. 
This involves -

·      Preparing and explaining the operating agreement (for an LLC) or articles of incorporation and by-laws (for a corporation). 

·      Establishing membership interests and officers (for an LLC) or shares, shareholders, officers and a board of directors (for a corporation). 

·      Obtaining an employee identification number (EIN), also known as a federal tax identification number, from the Internal Revenue Service to enable the entity to be in compliance with federal and state tax regulations. 

·      Registering the entity with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office so that the LLC or Corporation can legally transact business within the state. 

·      Serving as the registered agent for the entity, which is the single legal point of contact for receiving notice on behalf of the LLC or corporation. 

·      Creating and filing annual reports for the LLC or corporation.